Welcome to Milwaukee Avenue, a Chicago ridesharing driver blog.

I wanted to name this “Uberman”, but a Google search shows unfortunate association with Übermensch and even white supremacy.  I voted- and not for Trump- yet, I often sense that suspicion from activist Democrats, which is to say a lot of the Chicago customer base, presumably because I had that “unemployed white Midwestern male” thing going.  Well… I drove for Lyft, too, so for the name, I jettisoned the sole focus on Uber and ran with “Milwaukee Avenue”, a major artery from downtown Chicago to some of the nation’s hippest neighborhoods, including Wicker Park, Bucktown, and Logan Square.

During a bout of unpleasant length unemployment, I drove full-time.  I now hold a full-time day job, but, Uber part-time.

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About John

I’m a finance professional, a CPA and Chicago Booth MBA, between corporate jobs so I drive for Uber and Lyft.  I aim to excel at everything I do so I take Uber seriously and now have a 4.87 rating.  Uber considers the 4.84-4.86 range to be a “top driver”.  At University of Illinois, I majored in Economics and Finance with a minor in History (yes, the other half of the brain needs exercise) and had MBA concentrations in Finance and Accounting.

You might think I’d only be an Excel spreadsheet whiz, but you’d be wrong.  I blog here and recently wrote a draft of a novel, “Eloisa”, which I intend to find a agent for publication.  I’m also excited about the first three chapters I wrote for a historical novel.

I love travel, running (seven marathons), jazz, blues and Latin music, history, reading, writing, and Latin and other spicy foods.




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